Saturday, June 30, 2007


If a swarming honeybee colony cannot find a good site for a new hive, it will perish. The work shown here entitled – holes – has been in progress now for over a year. I associate these holes with spaces. Traditionally holes are thought of as being empty voids or dark and dirty places. I think of them though as being an opening or an opportunity through which ideas, information, emotions, and feelings can enter in and be released out of in an exchange of life. A lot can be said about the idea of waiting with patience to find the right destintation or home- I think I have spent a little bit of time examining this concept...but like the honeybees searching for an opening or an opportunity with patience for that exchange of life– a desire must be fulfilled...or similar to the honeybees plight, it will perish under the strain of neglect- I guess it could be said that desire must find it's home.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


I have a mentor and friend who frequently tells me “ Cheryle, just do the work and it will organize itself.” It feels like I am always in this state of restlessly looking and searching. My new work entitled – Lines – embodies this idea of seeking. Like the worker bee the path that we take may not appear direct, but to follow the heart - to search for and seek the source of true love – will bring great reward - the nectar of the gods.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

it's never about one thing

Lines are links that connect one or more related thing or system. I see my work in this way - a system of interconnected lines, ideas, and relationships. When I first began the bee project in 2005, I was thinking about the Morse code system of communication - I had been reading that during WWII the UK used a group of women trained as code readers to pinpoint enemy troop movement. These readers were Not code breakers. They decerned the slight changes between the length of the spaces between the dots and dashes in the morse code system. The spaces between the dots and dashes were unique to each individual and enabled the readers to create a profile for the sender. It proved to be trustworthy method of intelligence. I began making the bee project entitled 'spaces' during the time of this read - connecting it to my relationship and communication with my Grandmother Frances. A second piece entitled 'company' also came out of this vein of thought where I was thinking about how we are joined through spaces.. This idea is contray to the notion that space usually separates us or creates a barrier between two things or systems.