Monday, August 27, 2007

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Several theoretical models have been proposed for the visual homing behaviors of insects. One such model is extended to an algorithm capable of autonomous exploration and navigation through large-scale environments. The algorithm uses a novel approach to waypoint selection during the construction of multi-leg routes by locating the boundaries between visual locales, and placing waypoints at these edges. Although the algorithm is meant for implementation of mobile robotics, direction in design is taken from these biological observations with the aim of learning and inspiring human design patterns for group intelligence, and complex systems of optimizations. Sometimes though, as what is being observed in the disappearing bee, confusion arises and causes them to lose the way home. Some theories about this confusion are even being linked to a sort of natural selection. A work in progress-this project is based on all these loosely disparate yet connected theories. By mapping the movement through human intervention - I hope to find a visual form that will connect our small diverse group by association and observing a larger pattern. I also think this idea may even be investigating the notions of - where is home and what does it mean to be lost?